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OPINION: I believe only in everything I can sense in a deliberate way by seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing etc..
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: We cannot realize radioactivity or wireless waves by our human sense. Nevertheless they exist.
FACT: Radioactivity, wireless waves etc. can´t be realized by our bodies in a deliberate way at all. But our bodies will react, if a tolerance limit is exceeded! Besides them you can prove even smallest quantities of radiation by a technical apparatus.On the other hand there is no apparatus the xistence of "God" can proved with!
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: God is a sentment of feeling, something similar as happyness, sorrow, frustration etc.. Such sentiments are absolutely private matters, something intimate. Everybody who ´h never experienced such a situation cannot realize the desire for kids of parents.
FACT: If you want to reduce the belief in "God" to a pure matter of feeling, you will approach atheism. Would be "God" necessary at all in such a case? Than you can belief in the like manner to Donald Duck, for example. The effect would be the same.

OPINION: Why does God allows such an immens misery and poverty in the world? Famines, wars, epidemics etc..
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: It will be not God´s job to offer people an utmost comfortable life on earth. People have to learn to kake responsibility for themselves, their neighbors and surroundings. Than misery can be relieved. Misery rises up, because people ´ve removed from God.
FACT: At the other side "God" promises a comfartable life in paradise after one´s death. Why doesn´t he do so at our secular lives? ...because we were able to control it.
But nevertheless this statement could explaine the human misery. But the situation in the animal kingdom is still worse: "To eat or to be eaten" is the motto there and just the weak, ill, new born and old animals are the chief mourners. Animals are not intelligent enough to develope for their behaviour an understanding that an action is unlawful. Animals do only follow their natural inclination they are destined for, wherefore "God" would be proper and responsible by religious view.

OPINION: The theory of evolution has superseeded the religious Genesis. Why do religious people keep their believes against their better judgement?
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: There are no prove fot the theory of evolution, a lot of scientists distance themselves in the meantime.
FACT: The anymosity of the religions against the theory of evolution is unreproducible, because neither the religions nor the theory of evolution answer the question about the RISE of life. The life had neither rising up by creation nor by evolution. The creator of the first life must have been a living being too, therefore the creator would not be a creator. The theory of evolution is only busy with the DEVELOPMENT of life.
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: God had created life and after them he became the leader of the evolution. The evolution didn´t run by itself!
For the answer please have a look at this text!

OPINION: There are millions of people believing in God, but there are also millions of people who do not so. I ´m unsure.
FACT: Unsteatiness makes people ill and perhaps crazy, drives them to (religious) persecution mania ruling their lives totally. Yo can become free from unsteadiness, if you analyse critically religion!

OPINION: The church had caused a lot of misery by itself and is partly responsible for wars and genocides in the past and in the present time. With it I want to have nothin in common. The church doesn´t represent the belief in God in a thrustworthyness way.
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: Church and God are not the same. God will not be responsible for the mistakes of the church.
FACT: There wouldn´t really be a faith to "God" without a churchly background, because the church is the only organization who is interested in by financial reasons and power - political aspects.
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: There are a lot of people who can believe only for the reason they ´d left the church.
FACT: That´s right and should be respected.
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: But the churches mean that the respective church had been founded by God himself. For example we say that there is the "holy Roman catholic church", members have to believe in because of the catholic confession of faith. Everythin created by God has to perfect and does not need a reform but has to be worshipped in an uncritically way.
FACT: The church surrounds itself with a godly protective shield in order to prevent critics and offense.

OPINION: The religion always wants to talk people into false fellings of guilt. Surely, not everything I ´ve done is correct. But can one trivialize the guilt?
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: Belief, that Jesus Christus sacrificed his life for your guilt. Confess your guilt at God. Ask Jesus to become your master and to lead you. Live according to his princips!

FACT: You shall be exploited and enslaved in a spiritual and material way by this alligated or in fact right feelings of guilt, even if you are a new born kid. The vreligion wants to get uncritical and irresolut subjects and is only concordant with the dignitty of men in a very limited way.

OPINION: I ´m always busy with other matters and I ´ve got neither time nor inclination to deal with the theme "religion". The answer to the question of the existence of God is totally unimportant for me.
POSSIBLE COUNER ARGUMENT: ...but if he exists however? Than God will be the most important question of your life!
FACT: Because "God" doesn´t exist in reality you would waste your energy with the false worship to "God" till the end of your life. Therefore it will be immens important to make up a clear opinion to the question of the existence of "God".
POSSIBLE COUNTER ARGUMENT: But if you will notice a few minutes after your death , that you were wrong by your unbelief, that would mean a lot of stress and frustration - possibly for ewer!
FACT: If arguments are breaking down, than the good old threatenings with hell and purgatory will be used again. Don´t let you be cosidered to be stupid and be blackmailed by the religion, be self - conscious!


HINT: The "poosible counter arguments come from different public relations flyers of religious organizations, further than I ´ve utilzed some statements of the WAZ - forum "theology and philosophy".

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