The Jewdom
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This theme will really be problematic,
because we don´t know at all about what we have to discuss. You cannot define the term "Jewdom" in an easy way, all the more Jewish people don´t agree together in answering this question. Does the term "Jewdom" defines a religious community, a nation or even an onw race of human beings? Or do the Jews in their entirety be anything similar than a big club of likeminded people - please apologize this simple comparison - following similar interests of religious, cultural or poltical kind? We will not be able to find a simple to answer this question.

Only the review of the question how to become a Jew will offer a certain accord, namely by birth or convertation almost comparatible to the Islam. But you can only converte to a religious - community but not to a nation or another social group...

The Jewish religious - community
doesn´t play an important part to define the Jewish identity any longer, only the American and Israelian Jews will make an exception. The majority of Jews living in the Diaspora is not interested or unconcerned in religious matters as same as the non - Jewish population nowadays. A lot of Jews are atheists, some of them converted to non - Jewish religions. But those people wouldn´t be Jews at all any longer after the opinion of traditionalists, but others refuse.
To it Michel Friedman: "Die Voraussetzung dafür, Jude zu sein, ist die Zugehörigkeit zur Religionsgemeinschaft. Es handelt sich nicht um einen Kulturverein." (The condition to be a Jew is the membership of the religious community. It will not be a culture - club.) (Source: Spiegel - online oct. 16th 2000, Friedman was vice - president of the Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland - Central Consistory of Jews in Germany )

The Jewish nation,
the nation of Israel, does exist in reality, that will be sure. But what´s about Jews living in the Diaspora? Do they belonging also to the Israelian nation? I think so, because all of Jewish people have got the right to life in Israel. But could this matter say that Jews living in the Diaspora are not belonging to their non - Israelian peoples? Perhaps we can say, that those Jews are belonging at the same time to two different peoples, to the Jewish people and to the American, the French, the German people etc.. But what´s about Jews having got a distanced attitude against Israel, do those people are being also Jews at all?

The definition of Jewish people to be an own race of human beings
is tabooed because the Nazis thought so. Well, if there are races of dogs and chickens, which is not offensed by anybody, why shouldn´t there are races of men too? There are people denying that there are different races of men at all, because we all are related each other at any kind. At last we all are being native of bacteria which came into their existence by chance 3,5 billions years ago. But men have been developping themselves for this time in a very different way. So Africans are large and thin and ´ve got a dark skin in order to protect their bodies from the dangerous ultra - violet radiation of the sund, during Eskimos are little and more thick, because they have to keep little the loss of their bodyly heats because of the cold weather. Irrespective of denying the existence of races, we can be comforted that the races have been mixed each other during the time. There are not nearly any full - blooded dogs and chickens, similar like at people. It ´s no solution to define Jewish people to be a race...

And so it remains the definition "club",
which is describing the matters in the best way. The common respect in Jewish tradition, history and religion, which can be supported by all of the members of the club principially is helping to develope a non - binding feeling of togetherness at least.

The synagogue of Essen had been opened in 1913 and was one of the biggest synagogues of ther German Reich. The building has been restaurated in the mean time and is serving as a museum and a event hall..


We have to deal with the following points in a refined way: The Jewish religion, the Jewish church, the heterogeneous Jewdom and the Jewish state of Israel.

The Jewish religion
The real statements of the Jewish church and religion to the themes like the existence of God, the origin of life, living after the death etc. are differing from Christian and Islamic declarations by for outsiders only unimportant details. Christianity and Islam are descending from Jewdom. A further discus about this theme can be neglected.

The Jewish church
The most important difference between the Jewish church and nearly any other churches is that the Jewish church doesn´t proselitize anybody and therefore has never tried only rudimentaryly to make happy the rest of mankind by its religion - it´s really incomparable to Chiristianity and Islam for example. But I´m sorry to say that you cannot respect the apart from that surely praiseworthy behaviour of the Jewish church to be tolerant, then the Jewish church was and is abstaining from missionary activities, because it is respection the Jewish people to be "elected and privileged by God", a small and noble community which wants to stay alone. It will be clear that the Jewish church has choosed by itself the Jewish people to be an "elected people", because there are not any Gods in reality. This racist element of the Jewish religion is the origin of antisemitism - or we should better say antijudaeism - which caused for centuries and even for milleniums new pogroms and other conflicts with those who are "not elected by God".

The Jewish church has also got the status of a corporate body under public law like the former great Christian national churches and is de facto a state church in the Federal Republic of Germany. That means that also the Jewish church is being financed by the German state and honest tax - payers. Besides them also Jewish holdays are protected in a privileged way, during Islamic holidys and other non - Christian holidays are not protected anyway.


The nev synagogue of Bochum, which had cost about 7 millions Euros, was paid at each third by the land of Northrhine - Westphalia, the city of Bochum and by tax - deductable gifts respectively capital sesources of the Jewish parish Bochum and surroundings. Below the line the German tax - payer had to pay about 5,6 millions Euros for the synagogue.

The legitime and necessary criticism at this expenditures was being ceded on purpose to the rightest, whereby those ones and neo - antisemitism were advanced inevitably.

The possible objection that the Jewish church has got a claim for a compensation, because during the Reichspogromnacht 1938 (the night when the Nazis burnt down most of the synagogues in the German Reich) most of the Jewish synagogues had been destroyed, cannot be accepted. The Jewish church had got its immense fortune in an illegal way during the centuries by millionfold blackmailing of their followers by threatening with the devil* and the eternal damnation - comparable like the Christian and Islamic church. Therefor the jewish church may not have the right - like the others - to receive compensations for undergone damages.

*Hint, bevor you are raising an objection: There is really no devil existing in the Jewish religion, unlike the Christian and Islamic church, because the Jewish God is also being responsable for the traditional tasks of the devil. But this will result in the same matter. If you want to get more information, please google "Jewdom and devil".



But this building is also prooving at the other side that the Jewish church wants to set aside caution or reserve and doesn´t want to provoke anybody by its religion. At first we are missing the remarkable Christian bell towers and Islamic minaretts which are respected to be phallic symbols. If you look only flightyly at the building, you will only notice a relatively ugly concrete block which might be an ordinary factory building in the like manner. The Jewish Yellow Stars in the façade can only be noticed, if you look in an accurate way.

Altho the Jewish church doesn´t provoke in an extroversion way, we can notice on the contrary at the situation inside the Jewish church. The terrible bad habit of circoncisions of male kids os still beeing used to be practised. Orthodox Jews are eating only meat of animals killed by cruel Jewish rites. Ill - treatments of kids and tormentation of animals cannot be tolerated. But I have to say that such methods are disputed also by Jews for the retrieval of the Jewish honor.

Also the Jewish church has got a compulsory membership similar like Christianity and the Islam. Especially conservative and orthodox Jews are convenced offenders of birth control. But also the Jewish church can be respected to be heteregeneous, and its radical followers are as same dangerous as Christian and Islamic fundamentalists.

The inner harbor of Duisburg belongs to the noblest and much in demand residental zones of the town.

At the opposite direction you can notice this futuristicly charming building. No indicating label, no finger board shows the way to the traveller. ...and why is always parking a police car in front of the building? What will be behind it?

You are right. The synagogue of Duisburg - built in 1999 at 5/6 with the money of honest tax payers like usually.

...and only ten years later the building shall be tumbledown and besides them undersized for the rising up Jewish parish during the meantime.

Therefore: Let´s try again! Duisburg has not got other problems at all...


The heterogeneous Jewdom as a "Jewish culture club"
is prooving a lot of remarkable differences in the behaviour between secular (wordly) or liberal and religious Jews. Also secular Jews are surely setting value on their Jewish identity, but for them it will not be a world - outlook or even a religion, but more only the chance of their birth. They reject the arrogance to be members of an elected people and don´t try to gain advantages for themselves, because they are Jews. You cannot find a difference between liberal Jews an other liberal non - religious people at normal social contacts.

An important inclined position is bound for the agnostics in Jewdom. Those people are unsure wheter they shall believe or not and what kind of faith would be the best, or men which are only unconcerned in religion and would like ignore religion at the best.

Besides them there are a lot of religious Jews trying to use Jewdom for their private advance. They want to demand jesters license for themselves by the surely correct hint that Jewish people had to suffer a lot of pain and damages in the past.

So a Jewish woman told me: "If the police stops my car, because I ´ve been driving to fast, I will tell the police that I ´m Jewish and than I will not be punished." I ´ve reflected about her opinion. It´s really worth that she has got such an attitude, but why does she telling everybody about it? Is she really thinking to receive positive reactions because of her behaviour?

Well, I don´t want to say that such an attitude will be typical for Jews, but also the Jews let pay the practising of their reiligion by the German tax - payers at least. But besides them there are a lot of Jews tabooing principially each kind of criticism, especially when the criticism is uttered by Germans. This taboo is relating to criticism against the state of Israel in particular. It will be the most comfort solution at all to call reviewers to be Nazis than to discus about their criticism in a rational way.






Left criticism against the state of Israel

"Freedom for Palestine - the socialistic alternative"



<<< Poster for the election of the Marxian et Lenian Party of Germany


Therby it is being overlooked that most of the reviewers are don´t looking out for bad intentions, but on the contrary they can make thought - provoking impulses to reforms, which might be able to make it possible to find a harmonic and peaceful together in future. After my opionon constructive criticism against Jews can never be anti - Semitic, can never be motivated by anti - Zionist reasons. Zionism by itself is not really a bad idea, but its realisation is calling for criticism.

The aim of our activities should be to find a normal relationship between Jews and non - Jewish people, at the past doesn´t has to play a part any longer. Indeed we don´t should forget history, but history is history at all and is not the present time much less the future, Two - way assignments of obligation  are less useful to wipe the slate clean constructive.

At this place there was bein situated the old synagogue in Herne till 1938. Today a memorial tablet remembers.








New Shoah Memorial in Herne

Behind the circles made of glass the names of all Jews from Herne and Wanne - Eickel, which became victims of the Nazi - terror and lost their lives are noticed.

Further information to this theme you can get new article "The German coming to terms with the past".







The new Shoah Memorial became a popular point of attack of bothered fellow men, which are not willing to accept the cult of guilty, during the meantime. One can only aim the opposite with such permanent exaggerations...


The cooperation between Nazis and Zionists during the early 1930s

The original aim of the Nazis was to banish Jews from Germany and the German area of influence. An organized genocide was primarilly implimentaded when the Nazis had got to notice that the couldn´t win the World War II and so the banishment of Jews was no longer realizable.

But the Zionists needed a sufficient number of Jews willing to emigrate, because otherwise a foundation of the state of Israel would be impossible. But there were not enough Jews being ready to leave Europe (and possibly America) in a voluntary way. Why so? You can live in Europe and America more comfortable and better than in Palestine after all. Almost liberal and secular Jews can identify themselves only a lttle with the state of Israel even today. That´s why the Zionis were suited just fine by the rising up Antizions in Germany since the early 1930s - even this point may sound very cynically. The beginning chicanes against Jewish people convinced them more and more not to be a part of the German society.

Jews which were willing to emigrate to Palestine - but not to a third country! - of their own accord got a financial aide by the German Reich. The Zionists attached importance to the privileged emigration of young, well educated and (financially) successful Jews, because the elder ones would have to be respected less usefull for the society. The racial fundamental policy of the Jewish and Nazi world - views were - and they are till today! - rather very similar, both of them respect their followers to be a herrenvolk or master - race having the drop on the respective other.

The very competitiveness couldn´t allow a cooperation between Zionsts and Nazis in a long termed way fortunately. We should be happy about this matter, because we cannot imagine things may happend, if the USA would had joined the World War II at the side of Nazi - Germany...

The state of Israel

Every people of the world has got principially the right of a own state and the right of self - determination about its fortune. This concerns self - evident also to the Jewish people. But we have to ask the question how to realize this self - evident right without encroaching the rights and interests of other peoples. This question is given today more urgent than ever before because of the escalating overpopulation of the world.

But in the year of 1948 when the state of Israel was founded, there were less than half the amount men on the world than today. It should have been surely possible with a little bit of good will to find a solution for the new to be founded state of Israel, which would make it possible to live in peace for Israel with its neighbors from the beginning.

In order to put it bluntly, if I were a Jew, I would wish that my people and I could live in peace and calm, but that mustn´t be there at all, where our forfathers had lived about 2000 years ago. Who can knows it exactly at all? In 1948 the old British Empire was still immense big, and it would have been possible with a little bit of good will fo find another place where Jewish people could live and found their new state of Israel without infringing the rights of other peoples had been living there before. At least the Jews would had to care about a peaceful and amicable solution with the Arabic inhabitants of Palestine from the beginning. In case the Jews should had to pay compensations to the Palestinians for their land, what surely would have been cheaper below the line than to make war for more than 60 years.

But I ´m sorry to say this chance wasn´t used in 1948. Surely, Jewish people were shocked at this time by the Nazi - genocide they had became victims of which was finished only a short while ago. Therefore the Jews want to get as far as possible a solution which will promises them the protection, that such genocides will never more repeate in future. But the success is in question, because the respect of Israel all over the world is controversal - in order to describe matters in a modest way. Israel would not be survivable at all by its own power without help from abroad first of all from the USA, because the costs for the immense military armament are devouring enourmes sums of money. That cannot be a wholesame means of existence for a modern industrial country.

Just makes matters worse that Israel has got an enormous high increase of population of about 2,4 % p. a. like a country of the so called Third Woirld. Besides them the escalating overpopulation of Palestine is inciting to provoque a high potential for violence of the Jewish and non - Jewish population. Further tha there are a lot of immense economical problems. Under this circumstances we cannot reach a peaceful solution.

Left reviewers are repecting Israel to be the last bulwark of colonialism and imperialism, which had other - directed  the Arabic land without paying regard to the interests of the native population.

The Israelian nuclear mobilization is not only threatening the security of the region at the Middle - East but also Europe, because a possible nuclear - war couldn´t be limited in a regional way. Besides them Israel provoces a dangerous spiral of nuclear building - up of arms in this conflict - fraught region. As far as Israel is not willing to abolish its nuclear weapons, we cannot refuse for example to the Iran the right to buy similar weapons. Thereby the nuclear building - up of arms doesn´t make sense even from the Israelian view, because Israel could "defend" itself only for the price of its own self - destruction.

Tolerance has to be limited, and this limits of tolerance are being exceeded, when a country threatens its neighbors with nuclear weapons. There cannot be "honest" motives for such a behaviour. Besides them Israel´s behaviour isn´t any more praiseworthy by its interne structure than the Arabic states in the neigborhood. Israel is a reactionary theocracy regulizing whole of people´s life, beginning from a triennial compulsory military services for men and women up to strict religious reglementations. It will not be reasonable for liberal Jews to life in Israel.

Why do the USA engage themselves for the interests of Isreal very much?

The difference between the attitude of the European states, which prove only some more distanced solidarity towards Israel, and the USA is already remarkable. You can repect this matter pragmatically, because the Arabian oil ist more important for Europe that the Israelian oranges. But on the other side we Europeans are living more closer to the trouble - spot of the Near East geographically and therefore we Europeans are more affected.

The possible reasons for the engagement of the USA for Israel might are:

* The USA want to get by themselves ride of Jews and therefore they are helping Israel to exist. If Israel should disappear, most of the Jews woul emmigrate to the USA.

* Jewish people in the USA have got a disproportionately high influence in political and economical decisions.

* A lot of religious Americans would wish for their laizistic USA a similar theocratic systhem like in Israel and therefore they respect Israel to some extent to be a model for their country.

But it´s remarkable in this connexion that in the beginning also the old Sojwetunion had got a really positive attitude against Israel with the at first not quite unfounded hope that in Israel might establish itself a socialistic economical and social systhem. And it´s fact that there were a lot of organizations in Israel which were comparable to the old LPGs of the GDR or kolkhozes of the Sowjetunion (socialistic agricultural co - operative societies, normally with forced membership). But this hopes should knocked up a few years later themselves, because the idealism of the first Zionistic settlers couldn´t be successful.

What´s about a reasonable solution for the future?

I think that there will be no alternative possibility than to give back Palestine to their legal owners and to refound the state of Israel at another place of the world. The realization of this plan would really be very more difficult and more expensive than in 1948, but it would be really the only chance for making peace forewer in the region of the Near East.

Israel has to learn to take consideration at its neighbors and the rest of mankind and Israel has to prove its real will to become a part of the majority of the peace loving countries of the world.

The city of Jersusalem has to become an own state with a secured acces for all Christians, Moslems and Jews who want to celebrate their religious ceremonies there. So Jerusalem could change otself from a town of conflicts to a place of come together each other and religious harmony. The alternative possibility was to evacuate Jerusalem and afterwards to destroy this town. Jerusalen has to belong either to everybody or to nobody.

I wish for the German Israelian relationship a normalization of the relations comparable the time before 1933. The Jewish church in the Federal Republic of Germany has to be lost the status of an body corporate organized under public law and the charitable tax - exempt status - like the other non - Jewish too. The reparation payments for the persecution during the Third Reich should be discontinued as far as possible.

Antisemitism and antizoinis would not play soon a part any longer by realization of this proposition.