How and where can I declare my secession from the church?

Urgent notice for immigrants to the Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Austria and Switzerland:

If you have been christened in your homeland - country, you have to declare yot secession from the church at on German, Austrian, Swiss authority - otherwise you will have to pay church - taxes!

This matter has to been respected, even if you only want to move between this countries and you ´d been declaring your secession from the church in another country!


Really you will have to stand some troubles and you have to go to your local register office (Standesamt) or your local court (Amtsgericht). If yor ´re living in Baden Wuerttemberg, in Bavaria, in Bremen, Hamburg, Mecklenburg - Vorpommern, Niedersachsen, Sachsen, Sachsen - Anhalt or in Schleswig Holstein please your register office, in the other federal states got to your local court. You can also declare your secession from the church at a notary office, but than you have to pay additional fees.
Don´t forget your passport!
A few days later you will recieve by the authority a certification about your secession from the church. Than you have to join the registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt - not the same as Standesamt!) and let correct your wage tax card (Lohnsteuerkarte). Free lancers and employers have to inform the fisacal office. korrigieren. Freiberufler müssen das Finanzamt direkt informieren.

But you have not to call the clergyman of your old parish. He will be also informed by the authorities, normaly he will not be interested in this matters at all.
As I already told you, the secession of the church will only be legal by civil right - and this is the only theme we discus about! -, but the membership in the church will not befinished. A secession from the church by civil right is not respected by the canonical law. The alligated member of the church will only be excommunicated. You will not be informed about the excommunication in a official way, the excommunication is automatically. The excommunication doesn´t finish the membership at the church, you will only be refused to take part at the Christian sacraments. The excommunication is the most hard punishment of the church today, after the stakes were abolished. But we don´t fear stakes and the hell at all.

The secession from the declared at a German authority is only legal at the civil law of the Federal republic of Germany. If you are planning to live and work in Austria or Switzerland, you have to declare your secession from the church there once more.