Why the church taxes have to be abolished?
A time gao one reader told me: "Mr. Kossmann, of yo do not want to pay church - taxes, you can leave the church and that will be all." I see that it is necessary for making clear this point.

Liberal and free thinking people are on principle against church taxes against every other kind of stately help for the churches. Why?

Principal constitutional point of views:

State and church have to be separated

All religious organization have to be treated in the same way = ideological neutrality of the state

Only the state may claim taxes

Non stately organizations are not allowed to claim taxes, but they have to choose other kinds of financing (fees, gifts etc.)
What is the difference between taxes and fees? If you pay fees for something, you ´ll get a legal claim of considerations, but not, if you pay taxes. Taxes are always paid by force, but fees mostly not. Taxes are only claimed by the state, but fees can also claimed by private organizations.

Besides them there are a lot of further problems:

No citizen may be forced to mainfest his religious opinion - the basic law of the Federal Republic of Germany means it at all.

The EMPLOYER has to claim church taxes of his workers for the fiscal office. It is sure that the money does not belog to the employer, but it is unallowable for the employer to be the collector for the church. Do you would force Jewish people to pay for old Nazis?

Other mighty organziations, like unions or other communities of interest could also claim taxes.

It´s sure that the church pays for the additional expenditures for the administration work. But the church pays only a part of the effective costs.

But the stately financing of the churches is problematic for the churches themselves....

The church depends from the state and can be blackmailed

The church does not take responsibility for itself and becomes lazy and inert

The church is loosing more and more thrustworthiness and acceptance by people

The churches have to loose their church - taxes and besides them their taxe - free position, because churches are not welfare organizations.

Churches are so called "tendentious organizations" and they represent only the interests of a fixed part of the population. Churches are not open for everybody, because they are not neutral in an ideological way.

The social benefits of the churches are very modest. The churches spend less than 10 % of their income for social purposes.

The churches are not usefull for the for the GENERALITY, even non Christian persons are discriminated when they are working in a churly kindergarten, senior homes and hospitals.

The taxe free position is not given to all religious organizations in the Federal Republic of Germany. The principe of neutrality of treatment has to be preserved.

The taxe free position of the churches reduces the stately taxe receipts and so everybody - equal he is a church member or not - has to pay higher civil taxes in order to compensate.