Elections for the german parliament 2009

You have been buying the same soap for 20 years? You ´ve been married with the same woman / man for 30 years? Continuance will be good for your life, but we all should be more respinsible according to the next elections, FOR THE FORTUNE OF OUR PEOPLE!

But let´s have a view what our poltical parties offer:

CDU and CSU (the conservatives) stand for the system of today´s church - taxes and want to preserve the old privileges of the churches.
View of quality: I warn to vote.
(socialdemocartic party) There are no differences to CDU / CSU sind the Programme of Godesberg.
View of quality: I warn to vote.
(the liberals) The fdp has forgotten its old ideals for years and does nothing...
Viw of qualitiy: I warn to vote.
Buendnis 90 / Die Gruenen
(The ecologists) Also the green party has forgotten its ideals and became a quite normal party.
View of quality: I warn to vote.
(former standard party of the GDR East Germany) The old GDR offered more religiour freedom than the Federal Republic of Germany. But the PDS doesn´t use its historical power.
View if quality: I warn to vote.
Also the old Nazis were in commun with the churches. Rightest want to preserve the old system of state churches in each case.
View of quality: I warm to vote.
Party of non - voters
This party will win the next elections probalbly! The other parties should think about, why...
View of quality: I worn to vote.

Now, you might object that there will be also a lot of other points you can make your opinion about the parties. You will be right, we will have got the choice which party shall be allowed to blackmail people.

We really can be proud of our democartic legal state....atischen Rechtsstaat, die Bundesrepublik Deutschland!