Church - fees, or: Is the church a tennis - club?

A happy couple like a lot of others.Ein glückliches Paar wie so viele andere auch:

She: A member pf the venagelic church, an "only house - wife" without her own income

He: Unattached, has got a high income

Chruch taxes: She = 0 and he = 0,
that makes 0 + 0 = 0, they have to pay nothing

But the husband pays also for clothes, feed, holiday trips and so on and son on for his beloved wife, or he pays for example the member fees for the tennis - club...



The husband is paying for everything at all, but only the church does not get any money!

"That may not be true", almost the evangelical church is lamentating,"that is unfair, if the husband üays for the tennis - club, he can also pay for our church."

But the behaviour of the catholic church is a little bit more careful, "a member who does not pay is better than no member."

But we should discuss the question of the evangelical church:

What is the difference between the church and a tennis - club?

1. The membership in a tennis - club is voluntary, you can leave the club, if you want. The membership in the church starts regulary by the not voluntary Christening of a kid. The churches do not repect a possible later secession from the church, because of their canonical law. The churches practise the principe of the compulsary membership.

2. The tennis - club asks for fees, but the church demands church - taxes. What is the difference between a fee and a taxe?
If you pay fees for something, you ´ll get the right of equivalents - you can use the play ground, if you pay fees for the tennis - club -, but if you pay taxes, you cannot demand equivalents. Taxes are asked from the stately fiscal office, fees are asked from other authorities and from comercial and private organizations. Taxes are always be forced money, but fees are often paid in a voluntary way. (For example, the fees for the sanitation service is forced.)

3. The tennis - club does not represent an ideology, but the church does. The church makes a politic against unattached people. You cannot expect unattached people to pay for the religion of other people.

The church should think to learn from a tennis - club: Voluntary membership, that means voluntary fees. The church shuold care about their members like the tennis - club. There is really no tennis - club who discriminates not - sportsmen.
More tolerance = more thrustworthness = more acceptance from people.