Young people

During the childhood you are totally dependant from your parents and you can nearly carry your point, although a lot of us have already found there private opinion to the theme "religion and church".

Besides them the "dear relatives" promise generous presents for your fete, and even school exerts pressure.

But there is no reason to panic, why...

1st advice: The communion confirmation can be annulled later, if you ´ll secede church.

"Faith to the devil? That is the theme of former days. Today we ´re discussing only very seldom about Jesus and about God at all. We speak about urgend problems of every - day - life. Our religion teacher is very likable, and good we get good marks besides them!"

Even if your private experiences should be quite good: Religious lessons under the rules of the church are not acteptable at staaly financed schools.


<<<< Text: The mortal sin seperates people from God. A man who dies with a mortal sin will come into the hell, because he had lost God´s mercy.
--- without sin --- light sin --- mortal sin ---

2nd advice:Countermand religious lessons in each case!

The time of education passed and the first job offers the first self earned money!
But you cannot be happy, because not only the state but also the long forgotten are demanding for your money.

A lady from Austria was threatened with a execution, because she didn´t want to pay 40 Euros church - taxes.

...but you can prevent:

3rd advice: Secede from the church IN TIME, before you ´ve earned your first money.

The time of youth is over and a lot of us want to found an own family like it´s usual for centuries.

A romantic wedding with white clothes in a little baroque church - that is still the dream of many people.

That will be still okay, if you really stand for your faith.

But in other cases speak with your partner and look for an alternative solution,...



4th advice: A wedding in white would be an insincerity, if you didn´t stand for your faith and church.

Children? Yes, but quality is better than quantity. The world is still extremely overpopulated - and especially Germany is.

Nobody shall be allowed to make more than two children in future, the ideal will be a one - child - family!

Besides them children mean responsibility. They are own and liberal personalities whoese development may not be desturbed.

...please respect:

5th advice: Care about birth control. Don´t christianize your child and educate it a a religious and ideological neutral way!Tip: Kümmern Sie sich um Geburtenkontrolle, lassen Sie Ihr Kind nicht taufen und erziehen Sie es religiös weltanschaulich neutral!