How the church is spending our money

Big splendid church - buildings are decoratind even the smallest villages. You can often find Christian churches vis a vis from one another in bigger towns. Catholic and evangelical parishes only use very seldom the same buildings in order to save money. Besides them them there are a lot of rectories and other Christian buildings. The real estates cost billions...

A German clergyman receives about 4.000,-- Euros per month salary, a bishop gets about 6.000,-- Euros. Every normal employer would havbe to work very hard for such a sum of money. At the other side there are a lot of clergyman in the neigbour land France who are depending in stately welfare rate. In the Netherlands you can find nonsalaried honorary clergymen....

Respecting that even small churches can give 200 persons a seat, that three services can take place on Sunday´s morning, and that only 2 % of people visit services in the maximum case, every church building would be sufficient for 30.000 people. But at least in our region 4.000 people could use one church.

That means: 90 % of the church buildings are unnnessesary!

...but let´s tell pictures. Now I want to offer you a little example for the squandermania of the church by the example of my hometown Herne Wanne - Eickel an their neighbour towns. Please click on a town of your choice:

The numerous pictures are impressiv.

Do yu still doubt that the church wastes our money on a very sensless way?

Besides them there are of corse a lot of social institutions under churchley leadership - but that does not mean that those are institutions were payed by the church:

100 %
external financed!

The church makes a good bargain with hospitals because they don not spent a simple cent for it. Hospitals being under churchly leadership are totally external financed by the legal and private health insurances and by stately subsidies. Besides them the churchly employers are depressend by the churches. Further there are to be paid hospital - clergymen and hospital - chappels.

80 %
external financed

The church accepts to pay about 20 % of the costs of kindergartens. The rest has to be paid by the parents and stately subsidies.
Regarding the financing of kindergarten the church is relatively generous in order to indoctrinate kids in their reactionary manner. Normaly only christened kids will be accepted.
A word from the parish - letter St. Bonifaitius, Herne, 2000: "Frau ... visits regulary the kindergarten and helps us to teach the kids in religious themes."

Senior - homes:
90 %
external financed!

Senior homes under churchly leadershipt are financed by the church with maximum 10 %.

90 %
external financed!

Churchly schools are popular at all with the parents because there are less foreigners. Only christened kids are accepted. The religios indoctrination of kids is very strict. Kids have to take part at religious lesson and have to vist Siday´s services.

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But if there social plans have to be financed, people will be sollicited alms.


92 % of the churchly investments are regarding for ministerial works auf religious propaganda.

8 % of the churchly investments are bound for social projects.


Each laptalistic firm has to pay taxes and so they care more about social purposes than the church!

The quality of the chuchly service institution should be judged by everybody. Although the costs of ministry are very high, there are a lot of church members who criticize the poor engagement of clergymen. It´s clear that there are surely hard differences between the parishes and clergymen.
By the way, everybody has to decide for himself to accept or not to accept the churchly offers. But it is fact that the church is only attractive for a small minority of the Germans today.


A wedding in white -

- has been already a trashy dream of a lof of young girls.


But shall that be a reason to pay church taxes for the rest of your life?


A Christian funeral ist already important for a lot of people - than the clergyman comes who had not even interested in people during they had lived.

falschood does not respect the death - shall that be a reason to pay church taxes all over your life?