From where the old property values of the churches are coming?
The churches have always been very rich forever. They posses a large number of reral estates, parcels of shares of important industries, keeps their own banks and cotrol a lot of money. But where does this property come from?

In former days everbybody had to pay church - taxes, alike he was religious or not. If he was not willing to pay, he would be allowed to emigrate in the best case. In the worst case he was thrown on the stake. The church functionaries always were the secular rulers and got the privilege of taxes.

...and the church is possesing this money till today!

Slave - trade

The Christian bible legitimates slavery and trade with human beings.. The Christian churches are guilty at slavery during the last 2000 years in a very hard way.

...and the church is possesing this money till today!

Persecutions of Jewish people / witch´s burnings on the stakes

Unpopular person were prosecuted to be withches and were burnt on the stakes. Almost 50.000 people lost their lives at this kind. Their fortune was confiscated by the church. There is really no qualitative difference between the stakes of the church and the Nazi - concentration camps during the 1930s and 1940s.

...and the church is possesing this money till zoday!


Religious wars destroyed Europe during the last 2000 years. The churches fighted to preserve and rise their power all over the world. Spanish conquistadores caused genocides on South - America, and this is only one example. The church got a lot of money...

...and the church is possesing this money till today!

Trade with letters of indulgence

Do you have a lot of sins? No problem! You could buy a so called letter of indulgence from the church during the middle age.
Only during the middle age? No, today you have to pay for the pretended churchly welfare organizations.

...and the church is possesing this money till today!

Colonialism /
Exploitation of the so called Third World

The Christian churches always wanted to make happy the rest of mankind with faith. ...and the churches always want to recieve taxes and other fees from their subjects.

...and the church is possesing this money till today!